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 Max Language Solutions translation experience is greatly diverse in terms of the spheres we have dealt with – they range from technical, economic, scientific and political to social, cultural and humanitarian. One of the spheres that are of great importance for the development of mankind and a personality is art in all its representations – visual, audial, acting, applied, as well as forms – painting, sculpture, music, architecture, ceramics, design, theatre, photography, video, etc.

Various texts from artistic domain are an attempt to get across achievements of artistic sphere to the representatives of other nationalities, and that favours multicultural dialogue and is a key for cultural, social and humanitarian development of countries. Our company has previously dealt mostly with translation of texts from the field of decorative arts. Our translation projects from this sphere comprise decorative painting and icon painting interpretations, art books and manuals with description of artistic techniques, and artists’ biographies. Apart from good knowledge of both languages, translation of such texts also requires understanding of artistic works, having background knowledge of the history of art, fundamental processes, techniques, and directions, as well as certain writing skills, as the texts of this type are specific in terms of their perception. The foundation of our service is strength and depth of our specialists, who represent all the above capacities, and are persistently working on their improvement and development.

We at Max Language Solutions offer an added advantage of two more text-processing services, apart from translation – proofreading for the sake of error prevention, and Quality Assurance stage, where the text is verified using the special software. This means that the documents undergo verification by three specialists and the translation result submitted to the client is of supreme quality.

Our language professionals are native speakers, who use the languages they translate into in their everyday life. Owing to this, translations read smoothly and naturally. Besides, we have direct cooperation with our translators and this allows us to maintain competitive prices for our clients along with the utmost quality of translated texts.


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