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Legal translation involves translation of texts in the domain of law aimed at the exchange of legal information among people speaking different languages. Due to the fact that such texts are deeply rooted in national cultural, political and social specific characteristics, this type of translation requires maximum clarity, precision and faithfulness.

Today, as countries are growing increasingly more open to cooperation, progressively more transnational ties are established and more international contracts and agreements are concluded. Such deals inevitably bring into contact different cultures and traditions of establishing contractual relations and making business, which calls for correct and reliable mediation so as to avoid a clash between these customs. This is where translators come into play.

Max Language Solutions offers the services of translating legal documents by highly qualified translators with extensive experience in the area. One of the key points in legal translation is rendering the terminology precisely and accurately. However, our professionals also realize that in this kind of discourse it is especially important to reproduce the stylistic intricacies and subtle details of the text while keeping it transparent and clear to avoid dubious interpretations.

As the sphere in question is extremely dynamic and vigorous, the translation of associated documents has to meet the corresponding temporal standards, Max Language Solutions guarantees timely and expeditious performance together with the responsible approach to quality.

We ensure the highest quality standards not only by engaging excellent translators but also by applying post-translation procedures of quality control and assessment. Every text undergoes proofreading with the highest level of scrutiny to ensure that the translation is complete and adequate in terms of factual precision and style. Finally, we use QA software designed for checking and polishing translated texts. Max Language Solutions provides quality translation services as our staff are native speakers and have excellent command of the source languages. Moreover, since we work directly with translators, we are able to maintain reasonable payment rates for our clients.


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