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Financial / Auditor’s Reports

Audit is a very important and complex procedure intended to verify the company’s financial statements to make sure they are complete and true. This procedure also includes verification of other financial instruments, such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, etc. A person responsible for audit is called an independent auditor. While auditing the auditors adhere to US GAAP of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the ISA International Standards on Auditing developed by the International Auditing and Assurance Standard. After the procedure, an independent auditor compiles a document that may be called an Independent Auditor’s Report or an Auditor’s Conclusion.

The linguists working at Max Language Solutions have a profound knowledge in financial accounting and a vast experience in the sphere, as we have translated a number of such documents for major international organizations and banking institutions. Our major translation projects in this sphere include the following: translation of about 383 pages of financial statements, including profit and loss statements, credit line agreements and annexes to them, report on financial results for court proceedings: Report of the Directors, Independent Auditor’s Report, Statement of Comprehensive Income, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cash Flows, as well as Notes to Financial Statements.

Max Language Solutions offers an added advantage of two more text-processing services, apart from translation – proofreading for the sake of error prevention, and Quality Assurance stage, where the text is verified using the special software. This means that the documents undergo verification by three specialists and the translation result submitted to the client is of supreme quality.

Our language professionals are native speakers who use the languages they translate into in their everyday life. Owing to this, translations read smoothly and naturally. Besides, we have direct cooperation with our translators and this allows us to maintain competitive prices for the utmost quality of translated texts.


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