Automobiles, Railways, Aviation and Space -

Automobiles, Railways, Aviation and Space

The scientific and technical progress has given rise to a diverse and thriving transportation industry ranging from personal vehicles to equipment for space travel and research. The development of civilization is unthinkable without transport and logistic infrastructure. It allows for transportation of goods, thus contributing to the expansion of businesses and improvement of trade. The recent advances in transportation have facilitated travelling, and consequently made people much more mobile, enabling the exchange of information and ideas, as well as gaining hands-on experience of foreign countries and cultures.

It is translation that helps consolidate scientific efforts in the sphere, disseminate information about corresponding machinery, facilitate international transportation and infrastructure development projects, and enable inter-state space research programs.

Transportation is the area that affects people’s safety; this is why translation of the associated documentation requires highly responsible and professional approach.

The translator’s work in the field calls for the precision and accuracy of technical translation, terminological competence of scientific translation, as well as correspondence in style and discourse conventions of corporate translation.

If you need to translate a document related to any branch of transportation, Max Language Solutions is just the right place to address. The main asset of our company are our translators, who have accumulated vast experience in this area, including translation of documents related to aircraft systems, supporting documentation on airplanes design, specifications for engineering, construction and operation of railway tracks, railway industry stations, automobile equipment manuals, satellite documentation.

Above all, we treasure the loyalty of our clients and, therefore, we have developed a sophisticated quality assurance system. After completion, every translation undergoes comprehensive and thorough verification by professional proofreaders. Further, we use specialized software to ensure the final refining and correction of the text.

Max Language Solutions offers translation services by specialists who are also native speakers residing in the corresponding countries, which guarantees the highest quality, up-to-date language mastery and deep understanding of relevant cultural and social issues.

Our reliable system of project management allows us to strike the perfect quality and price balance ― on the one hand, we employ good specialists and grant them decent fees and, on the other hand, maintain relatively low rates for our clients.


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