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Automotive industry is one of the most developed, profitable and dangerous industries in the world. Recognizing the threats from misuse of their products, manufacturers of cars consider it their obligation to provide operation manuals in proper and reliable translation to the languages of their prospective customers.

Instructions for car maintenance and exploitation are usually small, but significant details, and the quality of their presentation in the language of potential customers is one of the key ingredients to success of many businesses. Professional translation of an automobile instruction helps minimize the risk of accidents and human injuries caused by incorrect operation, protects the car and ensures its proper use, as well as highlights the achievements of automotive industry and helps use its opportunities and benefits to the fullest extent. Moreover, the company’s focus on rendering the supporting documents into the language of the market they enter is a characteristic that drives its profitability.

Max Language Solutions Translation Company have dealt with various projects from automotive industry, but we would like to mention one of them separately, as we are proud to have gained the trust of the global giant, who authorized us to translate the accompanying documentation for its new products. We have had a big project for a large international car manufacturing corporation that gave translations experts of our company a detailed understanding of the specific exposures, challenges, and risks that are to be appropriately conveyed to the potential car user. This project has shown to us how important is our role of intermediary between a car manufacturer and a client – because it’s us, who make your clients satisfied and loyal to you.

Our translators have solid experience of translating texts from various spheres of technical knowledge. They are constantly developing their skills in terms of language and different specializations, and have a range of consulting specialists, who have worked in the industry for a long time. We devote our specific attention to translation quality, and apply a three-stage approach to the projects we manage. Therefore, first the texts are translated, then – verified by an expert proofreader, and afterwards – checked by a Quality Assurance specialist with specialized software.

All our translators work with their native languages, and live in the relevant countries. We work with them directly, without intermediaries and this is our way to obtain premium quality translation without incurring excessive costs – which has positive influence on the price of our services.


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