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An aviation industry has a range of benefits as compared to other transportation means: it helps its customers to save their time, and ensures comfortable and safe movement. However, these advantages may be turned to good account only when the industry operates as it should. Today’s aviation is a highly developed and extremely accountable industry. This makes our job on translating documents in this sphere ultimately responsible as we know that the translation output we deliver to our clients may affect lives of many people. This way our services complement the benefit the aircraft companies provide to their clients.

Max Language Solutions has an extensive experience in translating texts in this industry. These texts are usually loaded with complicated, highly specific technical terminology, and our translators do their best and constantly extend their knowledge in both linguistic and technical spheres. Our translation experts have already worked with the texts on aircraft systems and equipment, as well as supplement documentation on airplanes, technical requirements on limit deviations, shape and quality of airplanes external surface, technical drawings, schematic drawings, manuals on aviation security, onground handling agreements, and also terms and conditions of currency clearance service.

We are concerned about the supreme quality of our products and employ only qualified and expert translators with many years of experience. Though, the translation itself is not enough and we process our texts on two more levels. After translation a text is submitted to a trained proofreader, who revises it in terms of lexical and grammatical correctness, as well as ensures style concordance and terminology consistency. After that the text is submitted to a Quality Assurance specialist, who reviews and polishes it using corresponding software tools. As a result, we deliver you the translated text of the first-rate quality.

Max Language Solutions works with translators, who are native speakers and live in the relevant countries. This ensures translation into the living language used in the modern world. We employ our translators directly, without intermediaries; thus, we are able to keep our prices competitive, while maintaining high quality of our work.


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