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Environment / Climate Change

Over the past century, environmental issues have become the focal point of scientific research and political activism alike. The Earth is an integral body and all of its parts are interrelated and mutually dependent. Therefore, even local problems usually have global implications and call for unified actions. In search for solutions, innumerable materials have been generated, thousands of initiatives have been launched, and numerous projects have been implemented.

Translation is one of the indispensable links in international cooperation. Its quality, timeliness and compliance with the standards of professional ethics have the potential to facilitate intergovernmental cooperation and inconspicuously contribute to the increase of its efficiency.

 Max Language Solutions pride ourselves on being involved in a few projects aimed to consolidate efforts to counter the adverse effects of climate change and contribute to settling environmental problems. One of such areas of cooperation is related to security implications of climate change. We were entrusted with translating reports on the impact of climate change trends in the Eastern Europe, specifically on the local agriculture, public health, possible population movements across politically sensitive borders, infrastructure and tourism industry, etc. It is our pleasure to be able to offer our excellent qualifications and profound experience for attaining the supreme goal of environmental security. Translation is but a cog in the machine in this global process, but the smooth and faultless work of any mechanism depends on the quality of its every detail.

Apart from the experience and qualification of our translators, Max Language Solutions also provides our clients with additional benefits, namely the excellent system of quality control involving both human supervision and examination via software tools. That is to say, we view translation itself as the first step in our work on the text. Further, the baton is passed to our professional proofreaders, who compare the source and the target text to ensure the stylistic and functional adequacy of translation. The final polishing and verification is carried out involving specially designed software.

Max Language Solutions is a company established by translators, hence, our clients pay directly to the professionals working on their materials, rather than to a string of agents, which is so commonplace in the market. This makes it possible for us to maintain a good balance of quality and price for our clients.


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