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Medical / Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific events performed to assess the efficiency and safety of new medicinal products, equipment, or diagnosis, as well as treatment methods and systems. This is an indispensable phase in the process of introduction of new medical findings at the market. The data obtained this way allows the registration body either to allow entering new products in the industry, or reject them. This obliges to express the information on the studies conducted in a proficient and convincing way, and, in case with international markets, have it translated correspondingly.

Max Language Solutions has worked on numerous projects connected with clinical trials. We have translated patients’ accounts on study websites, surveys, questionnaires, posters informing patients on the trials to be conducted, research of medical devices and preparations and their efficiency, the patient informed consent forms, as well as progress reports. We also translate information on animal testing.

In their translation jobs our specialists rely both on general and specialized knowledge (some of them possess experience of working in medical field), and consultations provided by the doctors of different majors. Such professional advice is particularly important, when a translator deals with abbreviations, Latin terms, as well as medical information and diagnoses determined by old-school doctors. All translators working with us are proficient in languages they work with, as well as have specific knowledge in separate domains. However, we find this not sufficient to ensure that the translated texts we provide to our clients are of the uppermost quality. Therefore, we at Max Language Solutions process our texts in three stages, where translation is only the first one. The second one is verification by a professional proofreader, who checks for lexical, grammatical, syntactic as well as stylistic inconsistencies, and then submits the text to a Quality Assurance specialist, who verifies it using the corresponding software.

All translators at Max Language Solutions Company are native speakers. They live in the relevant countries and speak the languages they translate into in everyday life – and this allows maintaining high quality of translations. We cooperate with them directly, we do not use the services of intermediary agencies – and thus, we manage to keep our translation cost on a competitive level for our clients.


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