Company Security Rules -

Corporate / Company Security Rules

All companies understand that reliable work and successful achievement of business objectives start with articulation and compliance with the relevant security rules and procedures. This term presupposes regulations aimed to ensure safe labour conditions, safety at work, personal and physical security of employees, information security, corporate governance, ethics and compliance, risk and crisis management, fraud deterrence and environmental protection and/or industrial safety during performance of any works. These regulations are of vital importance to health and lives of employees, making primary resource of a company, and quality of these documents translation shows an attitude of the company to their staff, equipment and services they provide.

Translators of Max Language Solutions are well aware of the fact that dealing with the company security rules and procedures they bear responsibility for human lives and influence the company’s goodwill. This stimulates their particularly thorough and accurate approach to work. Such documents contain some technical terminology, which requires special knowledge. However, Max Language Solutions works with highly qualified professionals in both the sphere of translation, and particular technical domains. Our specialists have good knowledge of both languages, profound grasp of technical subject areas, possess specific terminological vocabulary, and have necessary writing skills – so translated documents are as smooth and understandable as source ones.

Max Language Solutions maintains the highest translation standards. Thus, we consider that successful translation process should consist of several stages – translation by a qualified language expert is the first one. It presupposes consulting with specialists from a specific sphere. Then, the text is checked by professional proofreaders and editors who make amendments from grammatical, lexical and stylistic points of view. All specialists involved have a long-standing experience of work with such texts. The last stage is Quality Assurance with the corresponding software. This thorough approach to translation quality leaves our clients satisfied and makes them loyal to our company.

We at Max Language Solutions work with translators who are native speakers. This makes translations sound smooth and natural. At the same time we maintain the cost of translation services on competitive level, as our cooperation with translators is direct and does not involve intermediaries.


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