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Construction market is a highly competitive one and this sets conditions for an error-free implementation of construction projects. It means that all members of your team should cooperate as a holistic mechanism, even when they are far away from each other, live in different countries and speak different languages. Or you may work with a team of multinational specialists who come from different backgrounds. However, common language with partners, contractors, and employees ― both in general and technical terms ― is extremely important for the construction companies. Our translation team has the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to help you throughout the process.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have qualifications, supported by years of practice, as well as diligence ― what is particularly valuable in translating texts consisting of terms, formulas, ratios and important figures. This is a standard that helps us maintain high level of quality of our translations and keep our clients satisfied and loyal to our translation company.

Max Language Solutions translation specialists have experience of translating construction standards and regulatory documents, explanatory reports, prequalification documents for engineering, procurement and construction works, as well as railway construction documents, etc. We are constantly working on increasing our translations quality, as well as on deepening of our technical knowledge.

The process of translation is not the only stage your documents undergo in our company. Having translated the text, the translator submits it to a specialist proofreader, who checks grammar, style, terminology and numerical items. Afterwards the document undergoes the process of Quality Assurance using specialized software tools and ensuring faithful and complete correspondence of the translation to the source text.

Our translators are native speakers, and live in the corresponding countries. This assures smooth sounding of the translated texts, as well as modern language and terminology being used. This is also the reason why we are able to ensure supreme quality of translations at relatively low translation rates ― we work directly with the translators without contractors or agents.


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