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Corporate / Corporate Trainings

In order to ensure proper operation of company equipment, labor safety, physical and informational security, compliance with legal and corporate rules, as well as expected work of the employees in accordance with their duties, many companies have implemented the practice of training their employees subject to the specific data in the purposefully compiled training materials. This company-specific information is often needed in translation to other languages in order to have the company’s subdivisions work in a line, or give their partner and contractor companies better understanding of expected cooperation. Therefore, Max Language Solutions is often addressed by the companies operating in different domains with a request to have their training materials translated. Having many years of experience in dealing with such type of texts, we understand how important is high-quality translation in this case, since it may have direct impact on the working quality of the personnel, their knowledge of their duties and materials, as well as on their life and health, not to speak of the company’s position in the market.

These texts usually contain terminology from technical, medical, environmental, industrial safety, and other fields (depending on the company’s line of business) and may also contain legal intricacies. Translators at Max Language Solutions have perfect knowledge of both languages they work with, as well as of the terminology related to the corresponding domains. We pay much attention and make every effort to develop their terminological vocabulary and polish their translation styles. Their previous experience of translating such texts speaks in favor of efforts we made.

Besides, our translation company adheres to the policy of three-stage Translation – Proofreading – Quality Assurance process. First, our professional translator carefully and thoroughly reviews the text and translates it. Then, the text is submitted for proofreading by another highly specialized language professional, who verifies it and makes corrections concerning terminology and other aspects. The last stage is Quality Assurance performed with specialized software.

Max Language Solutions works with translators who are native speakers and therefore, translations sound as smooth and understandable as original texts. At the same time, the cost of our translation services is lower than average, as our cooperation with translators is direct and without intermediaries.


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