IT, Localization / CRM, ERM

Each of the major global companies that covers a large number of countries and whose employees are located in any part of the world, requires special software to manage their human resources, projects, orders, maintain databases, send notifications to their employees and clients all over the world. For this, they use human resources management software, CRM, and ERM, which allows storing all the information in one place and getting access to it from any part of the world. Human resources management software helps the supervisors and HR department manage their talents: schedule any type of interviews, score the applicants for a job, estimate whether their skills and knowledge fit the position, maintain any records about their employees, such as willingness to move to other country, their business trips, leaves, sick leaves, education, training, achievements, bonuses, and remuneration. CRM systems are used for marketing purposes and for interaction with the clients by email, phone, Internet and verbal communication. Thanks to the CRM systems, companies learn more about their target audiences and how to satisfy their needs properly. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems are used to schedule, arrange and monitor the activities of a company and to minimize the risks it faces.

Max Language Solutions has dealt with numerous projects in human resources software localization, in particular one of our bigger projects includes localization of human resources management interface, instructions on its use, forms for HR managers, program strings, e-mail patterns, such as talent acquisition forms, offline job offer form, HR services form, interview guide, phone interview guide, post interview form, interview scoring sheet, behavioral interview form, and others, in Trados Studio 2011 and Memsource. Our projects also include several years of cooperating with global companies that are now present in Ukraine. We receive their software localization, proofreading and testing projects on a regular basis in Trados Studio 2009, 2011 and 2014.

Max Language Solutions maintains the highest translation standards. Thus, from our point of view, the translation shall consist of several stages. Well-qualified translation is just the first one. It is followed by the second stage – counselling with specialists in a specific sphere. After that, Proofreading and LQA with specialised software stages follow.

Max Language Solutions works with translators who are native speakers. Therefore, translations sound very smooth and natural. The cost of translation is optimal and lower than the average, as our cooperation with translators is direct and without intermediaries.


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