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Nowadays, businesses, industries and trade are growing more and more international, which helps tighten the ties among different countries and develop connections among people, but also spawns a variety of global concerns. Perhaps, the most significant of them are related to the environment and, therefore, call for the worldwide response and action to tackle issues such as global warming, depletion of resources or deforestation, to name just a few.

Translators also make their humble contribution to the collaborative action in this sphere by doing what they are good at, i.e. enhancing mutual understanding and, thus, encouraging consent and streamlining efforts. The very area is multidisciplinary, therefore, related texts may include chemical or biological scientific materials, governmental documents on ecology legislation, test reports and even promotional materials. Correspondingly, translators specializing in this field need to have a solid base in general scientific terminology, excellent expertise in the conventions of the technical text type, as well as be able to reproduce expressive and stylistic specificity of the material in question.

Max Language Solutions has a broad and versatile experience in translating texts on environmental issues ranging from corporate development programmes on environmental protection, solid waste disposal materials, convention on the protection and use of water resources, to environmental issues of oil and gas extraction, etc. We have cooperated with individual, corporate clients, as well as government agencies and have excellent competence and proficiency in this sphere.

It should be reiterated that, if there is one thing that Max Language Solutions values the most, it is the trust and loyalty of our clients, hence, we offer translation services by highly qualified translators with superb credentials so you can be sure in the quality of our work. Moreover, our translators are native speakers with university degrees in general linguistic disciplines and translation in particular.

In addition, we have developed and implemented the quality control system. It includes human proofreading at the initial stage making sure that all the precise information is preserved and language conventions are not violated in translation. At the second stage, we apply special QA software for the final polishing and examination of the text to guarantee that there are no omissions or other technical defects thus ensuring that nothing is missed or overlooked due to the human factor.


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