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Precision is the key for any financial documents. Every word matters, every figure is of paramount importance, every punctuation mark plays a role. Without a doubt, you demand that your team members, accountants and financial officers be as accurate and attentive as possible with this kind of documents. It is also important to remember that the same rigorous requirements should be applied when choosing a translator for your financial documents.

Max Language Solutions has developed an outstanding system of operation that helps us maintain the highest standards of service provision. The central element of this system is our team consisting of translators with excellent qualifications, superb linguistic background, high motivation and most conscientious approach to work. The second element of this system is our proofreaders. These professionals examine all translated texts to make sure there is no omission, all precise information is rendered correctly and stylistic rules are observed. Finally, the third component is LQA software specially designed to track translation flaws to ensure the best quality of services for our clients.

Max Language Solutions has accumulated extensive experience in translating financial documents, including market and financial feasibility studies, resolutions on supervision of the financial market and organizations, management board reports, statements of income, balance sheets, statements of changes in equity, cash flow statements, independent auditor’s reports, financial statements, etc.

We have solid terminological and general linguistic foundations, as well as the openness of mind and readiness to build up our knowledge and competence, which is crucial in constructing durable cooperation. We also realize that the time factor in financial issues can hardly be overrated. This is why you can always rely on our timely service provision. If you address Max Language Solutions, rest assured that your translation will be performed duly and delivered on time and on agreed budget.

Finally yet no less importantly, when cooperating with Max Language Solutions, you pay directly to translators avoiding numerous agents in the translation market. This way we are able to maintain reasonable rates, on the one hand, and keep our staff motivated by providing decent wages. Therefore, we offer the combination of experience, qualifications and diligence that leads to the best results.


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