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Financial / Financial Feasibility Study

All reputable companies and businesses realize that in-depth market and financial feasibility study is a key to success for project implementation. The study provides the justification of the economic efficiency, analysis and calculation of the economic indicators for an investment project. Max Language Solutions is often approached by clients asking to translate the materials of market study and financial feasibility study and facilitate them this way to find investors and implement their projects in our country.

Max Language Solutions translators have good knowledge and experience in translating the texts in this subject area. Our translators pay particular attention and care to the specialized terminology and formulations, which may affect the general view of project and its acceptance or non-acceptance by the foreign investor. At Max Language Solutions, we adhere to the policy of counselling with the specialists in economy and market analysis to get a qualified opinion about certain terminology or other details. This helps us avoid any ambiguous interpretations or mistranslations and achieve the highest translation quality. We also refer to the client-provided glossaries, termbases and translation memories for the correct, consistent and up-to-date terminology.

Correct and accurate translation of the study facilitates the decision-making of foreign investors and helps you to carry out the appropriate analysis, estimate and assessment of the economic efficiency of the suggested project implementation.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have a huge experience in translating financial feasibility studies, economy, management, and investment materials. Owing to our three-stage translation process that involves translation, proofreading, editing and quality assurance using the specialized software tools, our specialists may guarantee a high-quality translation of your texts.

It is important to point out that when using the services of Max Language Solutions you deal directly with translators, which makes it possible to grant good value for money. Our translators are native speakers, which guarantees the fluency and smoothness of the translated text.


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