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Company’s financial statements are the documents of paramount importance reflecting the data on the company’s activity expressed in figures. Compiled at the end of the business year, they are the main summary documents that undergo auditing by various authorities – that is why it is necessary to have them compiled and, consequently, translated correctly.

We at Max Language Solutions always keep in mind the impact of our translations on your company’s activity. We are concerned with your goodwill and attempt to render seamlessly all the valuable information from your financial statements. Our translators have many years of experience in translating financial statements for a number of clients. We translate statements of all categories: balance sheets, income statements, statements on cash flows, statements of changes in equity and many more. Moreover, apart from the translation, localization of figures is also very important, as there are different standards for presentation of digits, and possible errors may cause misinterpretations. However, when it comes to the figures that speak on behalf of your company, mistakes are unacceptable.

With Max Language Solutions, you may take advantage of a three-phase system of texts processing. First, your financial statements are translated by a specialist in both linguistic and financial spheres. Then, they are submitted to a professional proofreader, who examines their correctness and consistency in terms of word-choice, grammar and style. And after that, the texts are processed using the relevant software tools in the framework of a Quality Assurance procedure. This multi-faceted approach allows our clients enjoy supreme quality of the translation output we deliver as a result.

Max Language Solutions is oriented towards sense for sense translation into modern language, and therefore we cooperate with the translators, who are native speakers and use them in their everyday life. Owing to that, we manage to have both good language of our translations, and supreme quality of work at the cost-effective price, as our translators work with us directly, without agents or other intermediaries.


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