Geology -


The issue of ascending number of geological hazards and natural resources depletion becomes today unquestionably urgent throughout the world. Collaborative work of scientists and practicing engineers from various countries allows predicting and coping with the said problems by performing geological studies and surveying. In consideration of this, the importance of translation becomes prominently high as sometimes information and data should be ping ponged in nearly online mode. We are confident that this will allow the humanity to preserve our beautiful planet, which we call “home”.

Max Language Solutions translators amassed solid experience in this domain specific knowledge and lexis. This allows us to render the information contained in geological reports, summaries or elsewhere with maximum fidelity. While translating geosciences’ content we place much emphasis on its congruency. At times, internationally recognized terminology receives regionally particular characteristic features due to the difference in geological thought and practice development. Thus, we pay much attention to the translation of locale-specific geological phenomena naming. Such consistency becomes more important, when it comes to funds investing and commercial operation of deposits by international teams.

At Max Language Solutions, we strive to present our customers the high-grade end product, which passes the proofreading and QA procedure. It comes in a shape of reliable translation satisfying all norms and requirements of technical translation and excellent quality. Albeit the profound linguistic and domain-specific expertise, we are continuously eager to improve both. We are proud of participating in international conferences and of being members of specialized editorial boards.

Max Language Solutions cooperate with translators, who are native speakers of languages, use them in their everyday life and in academic sphere. This gives the translated texts smoothness and naturalness as the original ones. Moreover, thanks to this, we have an unbreakable competitive advantage: our translation services cost lower than the market average, since we cooperate with our translators directly, without subcontractors.


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