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As the number of companies rendering their services globally is constantly growing, they are trying to attract the clients in every possible way using advertising and marketing materials, offering various bonuses and discounts, as well as special benefit programs. Such materials are prepared for a specific audience and are written in a specific marketing and advertising style, which makes them simple, user-friendly, and understood by everyone. This requires not only translation, but also analytical skills, to find the main idea of the message and convey it so that it is clear and appealing to the target audience. Also, cultural adaptation and copywriting skills are required to translate any catchy phrases designed to attract attention and the ability to convert the message structure into the target language.

Max Language Solutions is often approached by our clients to translate their marketing and advertising materials. In particular, we are proud to have translated one of our major projects in marketing, namely, the materials with offering participation in bonus programs for the clients of the hotel that provided points that could be converted into free night stays and extra miles for flights to their regular clients or redeemed in other ways. This project contained 17,000 words and was translated in Memsource CAT tool. The translation also contained several legal provisions, such as applicable law and arbitration, membership conditions, membership agreement, and country-specific legal notes.

Max Language Solutions maintains the highest translation standards. Thus, from our point of view, the translation process consists of several stages. Well-qualified translation is just the first one. It is followed by the second stage – counselling with specialists in a specific sphere. After that, the translator reads the text once more, taking into account the pieces of advice received from the specialist and makes the corresponding corrections. Then, professional proofreaders and editors work with the text and make the amendments from grammatical, lexical and stylistic points of view. All specialists involved have a great experience and knowledge in working with such texts. Therefore, the results are of uppermost quality and our clients are happy and satisfied with us.

Max Language Solutions works with translators who are native speakers. Therefore, translations sound very smooth and natural. The cost of translation is optimal for our clients and lower than the average, as our cooperation with translators is direct and without any intermediaries.


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