Hotels and Tourism -

Hotels and Tourism

Someone said: “I would rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff”. Free and unhindered travelling is one of the key advantages of transparent borders and open societies. It broadens people’s horizons; it breaks stereotypes and prejudices; it helps you actualize the hidden reserves of personality. Apart from that, the travelling boom contributes to the development of local economies and businesses giving rise to a thriving and vibrant industry of international tourism.

People around the globe are similar; they share the same universal values and ideas, but express them differently. These are translators, who can bridge the cultural gap and overcome the language barrier.

You need to inform tourists about the excellence of your hotel services. You want to tell the world about the breathtaking places in the vicinity that just wait there to get people awe-struck. You have to inform about the exciting guided tours that you offer. Max Language Solutions will help you effectively communicate your ideas to the target audience.

 We ensure accuracy and precision, compliance with the standards of professional ethics, and stylistic adequacy of our translations. In addition to that, our translators are well aware of how important expressive and cultural components are in promotional materials and tourism related texts in general.

Max Language Solutions has a wide range of professional experience in this field, including translation of marketing materials for hotels, spa hotels web-site localization, translation of special offers and accommodation description for a number of hotels, and even a large-scale project related to inter-hotel ecological initiatives in the sphere of tourism accommodation services and establishing criteria for eco-label.

It is important to emphasize that the translators at Max Language Solutions are native speakers and have finest linguistic skills and in-depth cultural knowledge. We have established a unique system of operation that makes it possible, on the one hand, to attract excellent translators, proofreaders, and consultants and, on the other hand, to maintain reasonable payment rates for our clients.

Another reason to opt for Max Language Solutions as your translation service provider is our system of quality control involving thorough human proofreading and comprehensive computer aided QA and comparison of the source and target texts.


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