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 We at Max Language Solutions are proud of wide selection of topics of our translation projects. One of our translation cases is of particular interest because of its narrow specialization, which was devoted to interpretation of sacred paintings – icons.

Icon paintings are artistic works celebrated in some Orthodox and Catholic churches. They usually depict Christ, Mary, saints and angels. These paintings play a significant role in defining religious beliefs of certain confessions and are highly valuable for the study of art, religion and philosophy as a whole. Church art has principal difference from other types of decorative arts: everything depicted on icons is symbolic – from colour to images of people.

Translation of such texts is necessary to make achievements of theological thought available to wide audience from different countries and cultures. Texts of this type present substantial translation challenge due to common religious differences between source and target audiences. What has a deep sense for one category of believers often has no sense for other religious groups. Taking into account all of this, we may state that to translate such projects, a linguist should have a complex of professional qualities, including strong language competence, deep understanding of the text based on previous knowledge in the sphere, as well as writing skills comprehending certain political correctness, as religion has always been a delicate subject.

Max Language Solutions works only with native speaker translators that meet all the above-mentioned requirements and ensure high quality translation output for our clients. To maintain the high quality of our translation jobs, we apply three stages of text processing – translation, proofreading, and Quality Assurance using the specialized software. We have personal interest in our clients’ success and do our best to leave you satisfied with our services. And for this purpose, we maintain adequate level of translation cost owing to direct cooperation with our native speaker translation specialists.


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