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Corporate / Incorporation Documents

The documents accompanying incorporation of a company are largely meaningful as they contain all the information about the company’s activity. Their proper understanding and translation are crucial as their compliance or non-compliance always imply far-reaching legal consequences. That is why we approach such texts with an extremely high level of diligence and accuracy.

These documents are characterized with specific legal terminology and highly complicated structure. Translators at Max Language Solutions have extensive experience of working with such texts. Our translation portfolio includes numerous Articles of Association, Memorandums, Strategic Development Plans, Annual Corporate Sustainability Reports, as well as Competitive Environment Analyses. We understand the implications behind the compound sentences and speech patterns of a juristic standard. This helps us render not the words of your documents, but their sense, saves time for your contracts conclusion, and simplifies your business routines.

We at Max Language Solutions understand the volume of responsibility we undertake while translating such important documents. That is why all your texts undergo several stages of processing. First, they are translated by our translators, who are experts in their languages and specific domains. Then, the translated text is submitted to a proofreader, who checks and analyses it for errors of various types ― lexical, grammatical, syntactical, as well as stylistic. And upon this, the translation is provided for the third stage ― Quality Assurance process, ― performed by a trained specialist using designated software tools. At this stage, the translation gets the maximally polished form ― and we consider only this level of translation output to be suitable for delivery to our clients.

All Max Language Solutions translators are qualified and experienced native speakers, who live in these countries and speak the languages in their everyday life. Cooperation with such specialists is the best way to ensure living, contemporary language of translation. Besides, this ensures us an opportunity to provide you supreme quality translations at an adequate cost as we interact with our translators directly, without contractor companies.


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