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IT, Localization

The world today is inconceivable without information technologies. The industry is rapidly developing, expanding and penetrating all spheres of human activity – from science and research, trade and commerce, learning and education, to entertainment and personal communication.

Information technologies are as ubiquitous as they are diverse. The purposes they serve are universal; however, their lingual content is tongue-dependent. Consequently, the easiness of their application and attractiveness for users depends on how successful their translation is in pragmatic terms. Some minor presentation details may sell your product or fail it. This is why the choice of translators for localization should be based on high standards and rigorous selection criteria.

Translation in this area is guided by a specific set of rules and calls for the expertise in the languages involved and information technologies. The growing demand for such skills has spawned a distinct translation industry known as localization. It involves translating the lingual component of a product into a local language combined with its further adaptation to the national and cultural environment. Localization usually refers to the adaptation of websites, software, video games and other multimedia content. This activity requires in-depth knowledge and profound personal involvement in the target culture to adapt the product appropriately to local needs.

Max Language Solutions can boast of having exhaustive expertise and experience in this sphere. For instance, we dealt with such projects as localization of user interface instructions, smartphone applications, user manuals, program strings of CAD and CAM systems, CRM platform for enterprises, etc.

Apart from the superb qualifications of our staff, our services include another component that greatly contributes to their excellence, i.e. the rigorous quality control system. It includes two complementary post-translation stages. First, every translation undergoes thorough proofreading implemented by a competent professional. After this, we revise and brush up the text once again by applying LQA software especially developed for these purposes.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Max Language Solutions uses an operation system that makes it possible for us to work directly with translators and, therefore, guarantee the best quality and price balance to our clients. Our translators are native speakers with supreme educational and cultural background, which ensures resourcefulness, as well as solid scholarly foundations in their approaches to translation.


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