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International cooperation in law allows for the interchange of legal accomplishments reached by the representatives of different countries and institutions. Translators of Max Language Solutions have dealt with various legal projects, among which the juvenile justice project should be mentioned separately. In most countries, children and adolescents, who commit a crime, are treated in a different way, than adults, who committed the same crime, and this approach is developing along with the states’ progressing to the civilized societies and systems.

Our company is proud of our experience of participating in a big project on development of the juvenile justice system in Ukraine. We have translated a list of materials and documents for the Ukraine Juvenile Justice Reform Project implemented with the assistance of Canadian authorities. This project bears both legal and particular social and cultural value, and our translation team has acquired a certain background and understanding of these domains. We are convinced that this case project was one of the determining projects for our Translation Company.

We at Max Language Solutions work with translation professionals in languages, and various spheres of knowledge. Most of them, besides a translator’s degree, have degrees, or working experience in other spheres and industries. We also maintain contacts with experts in different majors, whom we consult if necessary. Besides, Max Language Solutions has a three-stage approach to translation texts processing, where the process of translation is only the first stage. The second one is proofreading for prevention of errors and inconsistencies. Then the text is processed using the specialized software – this is the Quality Assurance stage. This complex approach assures that the translation output we deliver to our client is of premium quality. And this makes our customers satisfied and loyal to our company.

All translators working with us are native speakers and live in the relevant linguistic environment. They use their working languages in everyday life – and this is a natural guarantee that their skills are constantly polished. Moreover, we cooperate with them directly, without intermediary agencies what explains our competitive prices for supreme translation quality.


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