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Hotel owners and tour operators often approach Max Language Solutions and ask to translate their challenging content. Having the web-site localised gives an immediate competitive advantage, since your product becomes closer to the target audience, and allows them to savour the privileges of the services described in their native language via translation.

Translators at Max Language Solutions are specialists in different spheres of expertise. Therefore, the texts are submitted directly to specialist translators, who have already worked in tourism and hotel industry for over 5 years. The translators will render your source text not word for word, but sense for sense.

The target readers will take a fascinating journey to your destination in their native language – and our translators will assist you in this. Your story about the high level of guest satisfaction and the sumptuous atmosphere of your hotel will ring music to their ears. They will discover a variety of your spa services, massage and relaxation experiences described in detail in the language they usually speak.

Max Language Solutions specialists will render culinary delights you offer by translating your menus of traditional and modern gourmet items. Guests travelling with children will find clear information about their children’s leisure and about how their kids may express their creative skills in your destination and enjoy the company of their mates by visiting the kids’ clubs. Our translations simplify your life and make your customers more satisfied with your services.

 Apart from translators specializing in the sphere of tourism, your text will go through two additional stages to ensure the highest quality standards. After the translation stage is complete, a professional proofreader will go through the text and check for grammatical correctness, stylistic correspondence and general compliance with the original intent. The last stage is a Quality Assurance. The QA team will give a final check and polish the translated text using the corresponding QA software tools.

All translators at Max Language Solutions are native speakers and are residents of the corresponding countries. This ensures the highest quality of translation and guarantees that the language used in translation is contemporary and does not sound obsolete or vernacular. This fact also allows maintaining relatively low translation rates for our clients, since we work with the translators directly in the local market and without contractors.


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