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Technical / Machinery Maintenance Manuals

Max Language Solutions is often addressed by the manufacturers of agricultural machinery asking to translate their machinery maintenance manuals. With our many years’ experience of translating manuals for various agricultural equipment we understand how important it is to convey the main operation and maintenance principles to the machinery operators and users. Quality of the manual translation may have direct impact on your customers’ attitude to your company.

Such texts are loaded with technical details, figures and information that should be understood and rendered correctly. The translated manual should also read smoothly. Smoothness is very important for making instructions clear and unambiguous, and ensure correct maintenance for reliable and fail-safe operation of the machinery.

Our translators at Max Language Solutions have good knowledge of the languages they work with, as well as of technical terminology and typical construction of such equipment. Max Language Solutions pays much attention to development of technical knowledge of our employees. This way we ensure your customers the possibility to use all the benefits of your products, and you to gain their trust and loyalty.

We at Max Language Solutions pay special attention to the quality of translations we deliver to our clients. That is why we have adopted a three-stage procedure of text processing. The first stage is translation itself. We employ only qualified and experienced translators, who are experts not only in the languages they translate from and to, but in different spheres of specialization. The second stage is processing of the translated text by a professional proofreader, who ensures the correctness of the text, checks for misspellings and ensures stylistic consistency. And after this your translated text also undergoes the Quality Assurance stage, during which the text is checked using the appropriate software tools.

All the translators of our company are native speakers, and reside in these countries. Due to this, we manage to maintain our prices competitive as we work with them directly, without intermediaries.


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