Marketing and Advertising -

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing offers powerful tools for promoting your products and services that can be applied both at the domestic and international markets. If correctly used, these tools can give a potent boost to the development of your business.

The key objectives of marketing include generation and stimulation of demand, substantiation of the taken management decisions, and expansion of sales, market share and profits. For successful implementation, all of these functions should be based on efficient communication techniques. This is why marketing materials not only convey the relevant information about your products and services, but also bear the expressive function. This function is aimed at influencing people’s emotions, while the informative content is targeted at persuading people via rational channels. Only by combining these two, the finest pragmatic results may be ensured.

This is why translators of marketing materials view the factual information contained in such documents as the foundation of the text, which is indispensable for translation, but not sufficient. If translations should have the same effect as the original, rendering the expressiveness of this type of discourse is of paramount importance. The arsenal of marketing tools is in many respects rooted in culture and, consequently, in language. Therefore, the inter-lingual transfer is rather culture-sensitive. This requires creative approaches to translation and having fine appreciation of the linguistic intricacies of the text, awareness of its potential impact and the emotions it can trigger.

Translators at Max Language Solutions can think out of the box. The profound educational background and immersion into the target culture allows us to ensure the translation of promotional materials with all their succulence, subtle nuances and sophisticated details, taking into account the client’s wishes and recommendations.

The additional benefits we offer include the finest translation quality control system. It consists of two complementary stages involving initial human proofreading, final polishing, and quality verification using the corresponding QA software. Max Language Solutions offers the best translation services at reasonable rates for our clients, due to our unique operational policy involving direct cooperation with professionals at the market and a number of employee loyalty programs. This allows us, on the one hand, to ensure good fees for our translators and, on the other hand, to maintain client-friendly prices.


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