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Patients’ medical records and certificates are documents of primary importance that define people’s life course. They reflect not only health condition of a patient and conclusions of a medical research held, but the patient’s relationship with a doctor, and the doctor’s professional qualities. Our translations of these documents give our patients an opportunity to get prepared to medical examination and treatment abroad, as well as interpret the results of such treatment in their native country.

Medical certificates are short forms of written text, where everything is important. Such texts are very specialized. They are filled with specific terms and abbreviations, correct translation of which has direct impact on the patient’s diagnosis and further procedures. Another peculiarity is that these texts are loaded with figures and, due to this, require localization. Our translators successfully render all sense of these highly meaningful papers. In particular, Max Language Solutions translates medical certificates for events abroad, vaccination certificates, medical examination forms, sick leave certificates, discharge epicrises, abstracts from medical records and others.

Translators of Max Language Solutions possess an extensive experience of working with medical documents. We work with specialists with broad knowledge of terminology from different domains, who are experts in both languages. However, employing a good specialist is not enough. To provide our clients with the best quality translation product, we at Max Language Solutions apply a multi-phase text processing procedure. It encompasses three stages. The first is text translation. The second is proofreading, which includes text verification for any possible mistakes and inconsistencies. And the third is Quality Assurance procedure with the help of corresponding software tools. This allows us to deliver you the polished and refined translated text of the uppermost quality.

Max Language Solutions works with the native speaker translators who live in the corresponding countries. This guarantees that the language used in translation is present-day and not obsolete. It also allows us to maintain our translation cost at the optimum prices for our clients as we work directly with our translators without subcontractors.


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