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Medical and hospital equipment manufacturers always maintain high level of responsibility as their products have direct impact on the health and life of people. It is extremely important to have the facilities operated correctly, in compliance with instructions. Therefore, the responsible translation of instructions and manuals is our obligation.

 Max Language Solutions knows that the lives of people depend upon us and does its best to translate these texts with maximum diligence and accuracy. Medical sphere is highly specific and loaded both with technical items and medical terms, and it is essential for the translator working with these texts to know and use them in a proper way. That is why Max Language Solutions works with dedicated professionals in the translation domain, who have good knowledge of both languages, medical terms and industry.

We have experience translating manual and operation instructions, articles, leaflets on various medical equipment, of which we should separately mention the medical supplies for people with special demands – overweight people (bariatric rollators and chairs, blood pressure meters). We also had some projects on non-equipment type medical devices (instruments for minimally invasive surgery, nebulizers, guides on surgical sutures).

Max Language Solutions adopts high standards of work. Thus, we consider that making a good translation is not enough. We stick to three-stage translation procedure, where translation provided by an expert translator is only the first stage. The second one is proofreading by a qualified proofreader, who looks for possible mistakes and inconsistencies in terms of word choice, grammar, and overall style. However, the verification only is not enough; so all our texts also undergo verification using appropriate software tools – this is a Quality Assurance stage, where the translation is ultimately polished. All employees engaged in working with your texts are trained and experienced, and we do our best to assist them in developing their competence to deliver you the translated texts of the uppermost quality. And our clients appreciate this.

Max Language Solutions works with translators, who are native speakers of these languages and use them in their everyday life. This allows making your translated texts as smooth and natural as original text would be. Moreover, this gives us a competitive advantage: our translation cost is lower than average in the market as we cooperate with our translators directly, without contracting agents.


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