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Financial / Members’ Reports

As you may know, joint stock company presupposes that its members may purchase the company’s stock, and the ownership of stock has a number of advantages. The major documents compiled and used in the joint stock companies include but are not limited to the following: Annual Member’s Reports, Articles of Association, Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company’s Charter, Incorporation and Registration Certificates, Provisions on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Board, as well as a series of amendments to the documents.

These documents contain such important information as full and shortened name of the JSC, the purpose of its activity, information on its founders, shareholders, property, authorized capital, securities, dividends and interests, the General Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors and their functions within the JSC, the Audit Committee, the JSC subsidiaries and affiliated companies, accounting, reporting and auditing procedures, to name a few. Such texts are full of special terminology – legal and fiscal, which requires the specialised knowledge by a translator.

Max Language Solutions professionals have a good understanding of the spheres of accounting, finance and law, as well as linguistics, and have a profound knowledge and experience in this sphere of translation. We regularly receive the projects containing such documents. For example, one of our major projects in this sphere included translation of a Charter of a large joint stock company.

We at Max Language Solutions process our texts in three stages, where translation is only the first one. The second one is verification by a professional proofreader, who checks for lexical, grammatical, syntactic as well as stylistic correctness, and then submits the text to a Quality Assurance specialist, who verifies it using the corresponding software.

All translators at Max Language Solutions are native speakers. They live in the relevant countries and speak the languages they translate into in everyday life, which provides for maintaining high quality of their translations. We cooperate with our translators directly, we do not use services of intermediary agencies – and thus, manage to keep our translation cost on a competitive level.


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