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Microbiology is one of the most advanced spheres of knowledge. This science forms the basis for all the clinical and disease prevention disciplines — immunology, bacteriology, virology, molecular genetics and many more. It is also closely connected to genetic engineering and cloning, as well as used for environmental processes and agricultural progress.

Texts on microbiology are filled with complicated details, terms and references. They represent the latest trials and often contain the recently opened notions and phenomena, the names for which may not exist in a target language of translation so far. This means that only the person with broad knowledge and competency in this sphere and processes is capable of translating them adequately. Microbiology is intertwined with many sciences, including but not limited to biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, geology, and ecology. So, a successful translation often requires consulting relevant specialists in these sciences. It also includes Latin terms and names, so the translator should be knowledgeable in Latin.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have worked with multiple texts on medical microbiology – we have translated numerous immunological researches and articles, as well as clinical trials in the sphere. Our translation specialists have profound understanding of medical processes and investigations – they have medical education and experience, and they also consult a range of specialists.

One of the recent successful projects in this sphere includes translation in Trados CAT tool for an international food, snack and beverage corporation. This was translation on the e-learning course on microbiology proficiency testing intended for use at all plants of the corporation, which included translation of slides from the user interface and buttons of internal corporate project management software, so this project also required particular experience in localization. Our specialists managed to provide a high-quality translation using CAT tools and quality assurance software, in three stages. Translation is only the first process your text undergoes in our company. The second one is checking and correction by an expert proofreader, who eliminates mistakes in the text and the meaning conveyed. And then it undergoes the Quality Assurance stage, when the text is polished and refined using the corresponding software. In the end, you receive the translated text of the uppermost quality.

Max Language Solutions Translation Company cooperates with translators, who are native speakers and reside in the corresponding countries. This way, we ensure good language of our translations and maintain competitive translation cost for our clients as we work with our translators directly, without intermediaries.


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