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 Music is a universal language that does not require translation, but some texts, related to it, do. Such texts include, among others, description of music styles and directions, biographies of musicians and composers, musical textbooks, song lyrics, as well as instructions for musical instruments and other documents for their manufacturers. Such information is usually written by musicians and specialists in the sphere, which often makes it difficult for understanding by people, who have no specialist knowledge in music. This fact advances a demand to translator working with these texts – this person should have both understanding and knowledge in music. And in case with song lyrics, a translator should also be familiar with rhythm, poetic rules, and have personal qualities like deep understanding of song text, as well as poetic talent.

Max Language Solutions team is proud of our experience of successful translation of such texts, in particular, song lyrics, instructions to musical instruments, transport and trading documentation for instrument manufacturers, as well as case project that included a range of marketing articles and instrument catalogues with guitars, harmonicas, drums and percussion kits, pianos and keyboards, electronics and accessories etc. You can count on our translation experience in this realm, and be sure that we are specialists in the sphere.

Apart from good knowledge of languages and the sphere of specialization, we offer you a thorough approach to processing your texts. The process of translation in our company is as follows: first, the text is translated, then checked by an expert proofreader, whose task is to eliminate mistakes, and afterwards, it is verified with the specialized Quality Assurance software. This means that your text will be processed by three specialists, who will ensure its optimal quality.

Translators of our company are native speakers of the corresponding languages. This guarantees good language of their translation, and our cooperation with them without intermediaries allows us to maintain competitive translation cost for our clients. This means that we give you more at the same price.


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