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Geology / Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is undoubtedly one of the largest industries in the world. It requires not only the usage of specialized knowledge to make educated decisions to supply the humankind with energy resources, but also the craftwork to accurately translate the survey and fieldwork data received by multinational teams.

This industrial sector teems with complicated terminology that may overwhelm a newbie who does not have the profound awareness in the specific domain and necessary linguistic competence, the latter two being paramount to the financial success of our clients. The importance of clearly and precisely articulated information is unquestionable, as it may either cause or prevent irreparable harm to our planet, to all living beings, as well as trigger commercial failure or gain. For this reason, our highly-trained linguistic specialists, having wide geo-experience and minding the geo-uniqueness of a said sphere, ensure and deliver the consistent and accurate translation of the documents.

The Max Language Solutions team is distinguished by an extensive mastery in translating texts pertaining to the oil and gas sector. Our experienced professionals regularly translate and localize multiple projects for the oil and gas industry, including patents, proposals, civil engineering documentation, process descriptions, technical and schematic drawings, service manuals, catalogues, technical specifications, drilling expedition reports, environmental impact assessments, and tender documents. To check the completeness and compliance of translated content with country or regional standards is a must for us.

We take great care of the supreme quality of our products through our diligent quality control system. It presupposes the full-circle supervision over the end product — from the selection of a translator, possessing an academic linguistic expertise, to the final proofreading of the translated document by a trained domain specialist to ensure style concordance and terminology consistency. To perfect the translated document our quality assurance specialist uses industry-specific translation assets, i. e. complete and reliable upstream and downstream translation memories, contemporary glossaries of technical terms, petroleum industry dictionaries, terminological databases and international petroleum terminological standards, to achieve ever-higher efficiency passed on to the clients in the form of saved funds. As a result, we deliver you the translated text of the first-rate quality.

Max Language Solutions works with linguists and specialists who are native speakers. This ensures natural flow of the translated text in the target language. We work with our translators directly, without agents; hence, we keep our prices competitive providing you with the cost effective solutions while maintaining excellent quality of our performance.


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