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 Pharmacology and pharmaceutics are the spheres of medical industry that represent the best efforts of science in preserving and recovering of people’s health. Mechanisms of impact of the medicine on the living organism, as well as influence of separate pharmaceutical preparations on a person or an animal are the knowledge necessary for both medical workers using the achievements of pharmacological industry, and patients applying pharmaceutical preparations themselves.

When presenting any product in the foreign market, it is obligatory to have the information on its operating principles and acceptable application translated into the language of the country it will be used in. This concerns both operating manuals for pharmacological equipment, and inserts for the pharmaceutical preparations. Translation of such documents with knowledge in the realm, as well as understating of chemical nature of medicinal substances, factors influencing efficiency of the medicine, and other specific knowledge is of foremost importance, as it has direct impact on people’s health and lives. Max Language Solutions translation specialists are particularly attentive when it comes to the documents of this highly terminological and complicated sphere.

Our translators have knowledge and practical experience in medicine, they also contact consulting experts majoring in therapeutics and other medical branches, Latin, chemistry, as well as practicing pharmacologists and pharmacists. Our translation experience in this field covers various manuals for equipment of the industry, inserts to medicinal preparations, research articles and information on clinical trials.

Translation of documents is just a primary stage of your documents processing. After translation is completed, the text is thoroughly verified by a professional proofreader, and afterwards, verified via special software for Quality Assurance. Our clients in this domain are extremely demanding, and we make every effort to leave them satisfied with the output of our work.

Max Language Solutions works only with native speaker translators from the corresponding countries, and works with them directly, without agents. This allows our company to deliver our clients the professionally translated texts as well as maintain competitive prices of our translations.


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