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Poetry is a very distinct sphere transferring the cultural experience of a nation or a certain layer of society covered in metaphoric expressions and artistic images. Translation of poetic works is an unbearable challenge for most translation agencies, as, apart from linguistic competence, it requires deep background knowledge, awareness of poetic structures, profound understanding of artistic images, and, of course, certain talent. Many researchers consider poetry untranslatable due to its multi-layer structure that creates numerous difficulties for a person attempting to render such a text preserving both form and content of the original.

A translator usually encounters a total range of problems in poetry translation – linguistic, literary, and sociocultural. In terms of linguistics, poetic texts usually have complex syntactic structure with rhythms and rhyming that make an inseparable part of poetic work. This fact also entails different perception of poems in different cultures as in some of them rhymed verses are considered less serious and translator should be aware and take into account this kind of perception differences. Literary translation problems of poetry deal with stylistic devices and poetic images, sounding and phonetic effects of the text, while sociocultural ones include some social and cultural phenomena reflected in poetry that add a particular value, but are difficult to translate without an explanation (and poetic forms usually do not allow for the expansion of their structure).

Taking the above into account, we may conclude that the quality of this translation is always a controversial issue, as it is extremely difficult to render all the important aspects of a poetic work, as well as to evaluate the translation faithfulness and adequacy properly. Quite often, poetry translation is more about creating another poem in the target language with the effect similar to the one created by the original poem. The main professional quality of our translators dealing with poetic works, beside profound knowledge of both languages, is love of literature and literary texts. Moreover, all of them are native speakers of the languages they work into. Then, our proofreaders also have necessary qualities for adequate translation of this specific type of texts. This means that the form and content of your poem will be verified by two linguists. Therefore, we may state that they take the best of their talents and competencies to help you overcome a challenge of getting your poetry across to the widest circle of international audience.

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