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The main goal of the railways and the main product of this industry is transportation, and they are especially valuable with their capacity to transport passengers and cargos to remote distances, including places in different countries. International development of railroad industry put the issue of linguistic adaptation of the documents accompanying and underlying work of railways to the forefront. And our translation company is proud of our valuable experience in this sphere.

Translators of Max Language Solutions have worked on numerous projects from a range of customers engaged in railroad transportation. We have experience of translating measurements, draft design and budget of railways, specifications on gauge construction; project on protection of railway bed and service points; project design specifications for engineering; and construction and operation of high-speed passenger railway track. Our translators have also worked on the project on operational commissioning procedure of railway automatic equipment and telecontrol systems and facilities, and translated numerous standards of railway industry.

Texts of this specialized domain are highly specific, packed with terminology and special data. Our translators possess broad experience of translating in this sphere, though in case of necessity they consult experts and technicians, who are more competent in this realm. This allows us delivering you a translated text of supreme quality. This standard of work is also supported by our adoption of three-stage text processing procedure. This presupposes that apart from the translation itself, the text undergoes two stages of verification: one by a proofreader, who eliminates all mistakes and discrepancies, and another one – by a Quality Assurance specialist, who verifies the translated and proofread text using the specialized software.

The translators of our company are native speakers and reside in the corresponding countries. Due to this, they translate to and from the languages they use in their daily life and, thus, the language of translation is live and smooth. Moreover, we never employ them through agencies, and cooperate with them directly – this allows us to save cost of intermediary services and deliver good quality translations at competitive prices.


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