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Our company has a wide-ranging portfolio of translation projects that comprise, among others, various technical, medical, scientific, economic, financial, political, as well as social and cultural texts. One of the most important cultural writings that represent certain achievements of philosophical thought are those from the domain of religion. Religious beliefs speak at the level of values of the nation or society and, therefore, preservation of religious knowledge is important for describing and analyzing historical, social and anthropological studies.

 The following types of religious texts are usually submitted for translation – canonical books and textbooks for students of philosophy and religious studies, collections of parables, as well as official statements of church leaders, and various church documents. Religious phenomena are generally difficult to translate due to different background knowledge of source and target audiences – sometimes the texts are translated for people, who have absolutely different traditions and are simply unable to understand them without additional explanations. Another challenge for a translator of religious texts is awareness of the hierarchical structure of the church that issued the text, as well as knowledge of honorifics and titles. More often than not, to translate such a text one should consult a person directly engaged in the sphere.

All members of our translation team are people with degrees in translation studies, who are native speakers of the languages they work into. Most of them have profound knowledge from various domains due to their additional training or working experience. Besides, we pay much attention to the translation quality and have adopted approach, where your text is processed by three specialists. Thus, first it is translated, then proofread by an expert proofreader, who verifies the text for errors and inconsistencies, and afterwards, it is submitted to a Quality Assurance specialist, who verifies the proofread text using the specialized LQA software. This allows us to deliver the translations of utmost quality to our clients, while our direct cooperation with our translators helps us maintain competitive level of prices.


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