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In modern world, medicine undergoes steady development, where all the findings and discoveries are important, irrespectively of the country they come from and the language they were expressed in. To educate doctors and medical specialists in line with this ongoing medical progress, it is necessary to arrange an information exchange between the countries conducting trials and experiments – so that the newly opened information would circulate without language barriers. Our translation company is directly engaged in this educational process and, consequently, development of medicine as a whole.

Max Language Solutions works with specialists, who are experts in the sphere of translation, and also have experience and extensive knowledge in the medical domain. We have a long history of translating scientific and study materials for various educational institutions, research articles and reports, tasks for health-related exams, information for graduation and inaugural theses and also diploma documents and addenda. In our translation work, we use deep knowledge of our translators and proofreaders, but also take advantage of special experience possessed by our consulting doctors, scientists and professors from medical field. This helps us to provide our clients with professionally translated texts.

However, translation is not the only process taking place at Max Language Solutions. We follow three-stage text processing procedure, where translation is only the first stage. The second one is proofreading performed by a highly qualified specialist in the realm, who checks for any possible mistakes or discrepancies. In addition, after this the corrected text is submitted to a Quality Assurance specialist, who holds an additional verification using the corresponding QA software. That is how we assure premium quality of our translations and gain loyalty of our clients.

We ensure good quality of our translations. Moreover, we work with them without intermediaries and this allows us keeping our prices competitive for our clients.


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