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Space is often referred to as the last frontier for the human race. The research in the sphere has been developing rapidly for over half of the century already.

It is translation that helps bring together scientific discoveries and findings of academicians and practitioners from all over the world, thus facilitating the generation of new ideas and approaches. Translating texts on various innovations and groundbreaking technical solutions of space scientists from all over the globe contributes to the information exchange and its integration into a universal database boosting the progress in the sphere.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have abundant experience in the sphere of sci-tech translation in general and in rendering space-related texts in particular. We have translated a large-scale project on satellite construction, satellite technical specifications, including legal documentation related to General contractor agreement to manufacture, launch, and turnkey in-orbit delivery of the spacecraft, statements of work, qualification and acceptance requirements, product and service quality assurance plan, as well as a range of presentations. As the scope of translation was huge, the project was distributed among a number of our professionals and proofreaders, who translated and verified the terminology against the glossaries and termbases, checked the grammar and numbering, spelling and style both manually and using quality assurance software tools. This way we managed to deliver quality translations quickly and received a positive feedback from our client.

Translating documents on space research requires maximum accuracy and the closest possible adherence to the original. In this respect Max Language Solutions prides itself on the two-tier translation quality control system – another significant factor that adds up to the excellence of our translation services. It involves thorough proofreading with special attention paid to the accuracy of reproduction of figures and precise information as the first “defence line” and the ultimate refinement and examination using special translation quality assurance software.

It is important to point out that when using the services of Max Language Solutions you deal directly with translators, which makes it possible to grant good value for money. Our translators are native speakers, which guarantees the fluency and smoothness of the translated text.


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