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Technical / Specifications

Today’s manufacturing is an extremely complex and multi-phase process performed in interaction of various agents, each specializing in a particular range of works and production of particular parts for the end product. To produce high-quality goods that would fit the intended purpose and operate in most beneficial way, it is important to clearly specify the characteristics and necessary peculiarities. For this purpose there was developed a particular type of descriptive documents — specifications.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have a considerable experience in the translation of technical texts from different industries and for various needs. Such documents contain physical, mechanical, electrical, chemical and other requirements to materials and ready products, and this means that to translate such a text a translator should have knowledge from all these spheres. Some of our translators have their background of technical information from their working experience, or particular additional education, though we also have a range of consultant experts from different fields. Moreover, documents of this type, apart from textual information, usually contain schemes, images, pictures and technical illustrations, and this requires skills of working with graphics, also possessed by our translation specialists.

Max Language Solutions is oriented towards your success and, therefore, we aim at delivering you translated text of supreme quality. Our experience in the sphere enables us to deliver high-quality translation output, encompassing technological innovations in the sphere. In our work, we use a time-tested approach to ensuring quality of our texts – three stages of text processing: translation, proofreading, and Quality Assurance with specialized software. All specialists working with your texts have undergone specialized training and have diplomas in translation. Besides, we employ only people, who are native speakers of the languages they work into. This means that the last thing you have to worry about in cooperation with us is quality of translation language. Then, we also offer our clients best quality services at competitive prices (as we cooperate with our native speaking translators without intermediaries) and they appreciate it and remain loyal to us.


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