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Environment / Subsea Transborder Gas Pipeline

Long-distance transborder gas transportation addresses the wide range of issues, i.e. project financing and designing, geological surveying, technical backup, fitting elements manufacturing, logistics, assessment of environmental and social impacts, public relations, to name a few. Notwithstanding the perfect execution of the said, the project will not work, if there is no clear communication. As the pipeline starts in one country, runs through the lands and waters of several and ends across the sea abroad, the co-operation involves multilanguage translation. The cumulative effect of properly translated instructions, manuals, specifications, norms, even legislation, helps weigh and give relevant assessment of environmental and social impact arising due to the construction of a pipeline.

Max Language Solutions translators are not a tyro in this specific field. We have fairly large-scale expertise in translating documents concerning technical aspects, as well as those analysing the existing conditions of the environment and the suggested project components and activities, the level of noise due to construction works, terrestrial and marine ecology, socio-economics and community health, safety and security issues, assessing the eventual impacts on the environment, communities, historical and cultural legacy, providing design controls and reduction measures with which to avoid or minimise these impacts. Owing to using CAT tools our translation solutions are consistent, accurate and free from synonym rings.

Here, at Max Language Solutions, we do our best to verify, proofread and polish every piece of translation that comes from us. We are devotees of translation perfectionism and make it real through the specially designed QA system. We are as punctual as Swiss watches, since we do understand the value of time. Beside this, they are also experts in environmental and mineral geology, social sciences and economics. Such combination guarantees the delivery of especially competent and sensible translation for the lower-than-the-market-average prices.


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