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The concept of technical translation covers such broad and varied categories as rendering of operating and maintenance manuals, specifications, construction documents, user manuals, instructions, involving the entire spectrum of scientific and technological disciplines and subjects.

The rapid development of technologies gave a powerful boost to the demand for the associated translation services. However, this steep advancement also poses a challenge to technical translators, since new terms are coined virtually every day along with creation of new notions and introduction of diverse innovations.

When you need a technical text to be translated, you have to look not just for a person with a good command of the two languages involved, but rather for a professional with extensive experience in the sphere, who possesses mastery of the general terminology in the given area, the openness of mind and willingness to learn new things, as well as the ability to integrate these two functions to produce translations that accurately transmit the information, comply with the conventions of the procedural discourse and possibly even introduce innovative concepts into the target language.

Translators at Max Language Solutions have profound cross-disciplinary and multifaceted expertise in the field of technical translation. We have translated technical projects of thousands of pages in scope, including but not limited to user manuals for washing machines, ventilators, propeller milling, irons, boilers, thermometers, lawn mowers; inspection certificates; technical references and many other types of technical documents.

Our unique operation procedures help us ensure reasonable rates and excellent quality and price balance. Max Language Solutions offers translation services by professionals with degrees and therefore ensures the stylistic accuracy of translations.

Precision in technical translation can hardly be overrated and we do our best to satisfy the needs of our customers in this respect by applying a sophisticated system of quality control. Its initial stage involves thorough proofreading with paying attention to special details, such as terms and figures. Finally, every translation undergoes examination involving translation quality assurance software.


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