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One of the key secrets of building a successful business is cooperation with reliable partners and contractors. Moreover, the tender procedures developed during several years of business operation have proven to be efficient as one of the most powerful tools for presentation of the company’s capabilities and positioning. However, the company that applies for a tender in a foreign country encounters the problem of potential misunderstanding due to different languages, and obviously needs a trustworthy translation company with the experience of translating tender documentation.

Max Language Solutions has a substantial experience of working with texts from both sides: we translate instructions for tenderers and various application forms and pay special attention to making the tender conditions as clear to the tenderer as possible, as well as the documents you send to your potential partners, and our translators do their best to present your company in an attractive way. We are aware of importance of the role of our translations in the impression your tender application makes – and therefore, we are extremely careful with conveying your image and reputation reflected on your application.

Apart from the process of translation, at Max Language Solutions your texts undergo two more important document processing stages. First, the translated text is carefully checked by a professional proofreader, who looks for possible errors and omissions, and ensures the consistency of style. Afterwards the proofread translation undergoes the Quality Assurance stage, where it is processed using relevant software tools and polished to the uppermost quality.

Max Language Solutions works with translators, who are proven professionals both in the linguistic and business spheres. We are aware of the marketing effect your text should have on the company you apply to, that is why we pay much attention to the text and the correct terminology. Our translators are native speakers who live and work in the corresponding countries. We cooperate directly with them, without any contracting companies, and thus, we are able to ensure maximum quality of our translations at relatively low cost of translation services.


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