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 Tourism is obviously the biggest of all the spheres and business directions with international development. People travel around the world, enjoy its openness and discover opportunities, learn new cultures and communicate with new people. It is probably the Golden Age of travelling and touristic business. In the modern world, the linguistic limits in interaction between people from different cultures are almost unnoticed by the merit of translation. Max Language Solutions is proud to make our contribution to this multilingual and multicultural communication.

Translation experts, working in our company, have experience in connecting people through translation of guidebooks, sightseeing websites, road maps, travel brochures, information on various tourist attractions. Such texts require good command of source and target languages, knowledge of some underlying (geographical, historical, architectural and cultural) information, and writing skills, as these texts should be smooth and interesting. Tourism, travelling, and meeting new cultures and people are the things to enjoy and translation is meant to help in this, and not create additional obstacles.

Our translators are familiar with this specialized information. Some of them used to work in the sphere of tourism. We also have some consultants to help us with the information we find difficult to translate. However, we aim at delivering our clients the translated texts of optimum quality, and for this sake, we adopt three stages of text processing: translation itself, proofreading, and quality assurance. Thus, once a text is translated, it is submitted to a proofreader, who verifies it for mistakes and irregularities, and then a quality assurance expert verifies it using special-purpose software. All our specialists have good qualification and extensive experience and we actively support their further training.

Max Language Solutions works with native speakers. This makes the languages they use sound smoothly and lively. At the same time, we manage to keep the cost of our translation services on a competitive level for our clients, as we work with our translators directly without intermediaries.


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