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We live in a visual age. The scope of information conveyed through the visual channel of communication has grown to unprecedented dimensions. Needless to say, though, that the visual is mostly intertwined with the aural, whereas this combination boosts the efficiency of communication and enhances the quality of delivery of ideas.

However, at times a need might arise to change the mode of presentation of linguistically expressed information, i.e. to make a transcription of the aural text. The reasons for this might include, for instance, catering for the needs of the aurally impaired, language learners or speakers of other languages. In this latter case, translation might be required rather than transcription alone.

Any foreign language learner knows that developing listening skills in a foreign language is a more challenging task than acquiring reading skills due to the wide spectrum of pronunciation variation, not to mention individual articulation idiosyncrasies of different speakers. This implies that transcription should be assigned to professionals, who either are native speakers, or have proficiency level in the relevant foreign language.

Translators at Max Language Solutions can offer transcription services of the highest quality due to the fact that they are native speakers and constantly hone their skills by immersing themselves in the corresponding language environment.

 Another important factor to be taken into account when choosing a translation service provider is the relevant experience in virtually any sphere. This is one more reason to address Max Language Solutions, since we work with translators and linguists, whose competence and experience blend to produce the finest results. It is important to mention that Max Language Solutions applies rigorous quality control techniques that combine both human quality assessment and computer aided quality assurance.

Apart from that, over the long operation in the market our company has managed to establish a network of relations with professionals in different areas whom our translators consult in complicated cases. This helps us ensure the excellent level of the services provided by our team. By cooperating with Max Language Solutions, you avoid agents and mediators so common in the translation industry, which makes it possible for us to offer the best value for money to our clients.


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