Translation for the Governmental Agencies -

Financial / Translation for the Governmental Agencies

The typical influence of the most governmental authorities on the country’s economy and the mechanisms of their operation stipulate the presence of numerous regulating documents that define where the economy and its direct participants are going to move. Following the example of successful economic patterns of other countries and sharing their own positive results, the stakeholders come to the necessity to have such experiences documented and translated.

Our company had a wonderful opportunity to work upon the documents underlying the states’ methods of controlling such an important economic category as financial market, while translating resolutions for regulation and supervision of financial market and financial organizations. This translation case was highly specialized, included a lot of terms and required from our translators to have substantial background knowledge from financial and legal spheres, as well as consult experts in these fields. Moreover, this case was another opportunity for our team to develop our ability to adhere to rigorous standards the texts of this type usually presuppose. We are proud to have been entrusted the translation of documents used on the high level of state authorities and governmental agencies.

We at Max Language Solutions are dedicated to quality of our translation jobs and, therefore, in our company there are three phases of text processing: translation, proofreading, and processing with Quality Assurance software tools. Thus, your text is processed by three different specialists, as well as with specialised software, and it receives many-sided approach.

The translators working with us are native speakers who live in these countries and use their working languages both for work and in everyday life. This makes your translated texts sound smooth and natural. We cooperate with our translators directly, and due to this, ensure best possible quality at no extra charge – as we do not have to pay intermediaries.


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