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Environment / Waste Trafficking

One of the most large-scale problems of nowadays is waste disposal. Over the relatively short period since the Industrial Revolution, humanity, in particular the technologically advanced countries, have generated the amount of waste that has the potential of destroying the entire biosphere of the planet and continue to do so. Therefore, the issue calls for urgent worldwide interventions, which requires consolidating efforts of the international community and close-knit global cooperation.

One of the most pressing issues within the problem of waste disposal is the disposal of hazardous waste materials, which in turn spawns concerns related to waste trafficking. Waste trafficking is the term used to describe illegal export of waste aimed to bypass the regulations in the sphere. It poses a threat to public health, thwarts recycling efficiency, undermines sound market mechanisms and entails a number of other potentially menacing processes.

Max Language Solutions consider ourselves lucky to have had a chance to contribute to the international efforts in the field by offering our professional expertise and skills to serve the noble cause of countering waste trafficking. We cooperated with international institutions, governments and individual business entities in projects aimed at solving this pressing problem.

The materials we translated include reports and presentations on industrial waste and obsolete pesticides inherited from the Soviet time, as well as present and future challenges, such as lack of proper waste management, electronic waste, counterfeit pesticides, etc. To be more specific, our work record also includes the translation of a reference guide on waste transportation, materials for an e-course on prevention of environmental crimes at border, waste watch cards and other related documents. This has greatly enriched our experience in the sphere, which makes us ready to facilitate the coordination of national governments’ collaboration, exchange of information and international capacity building by providing high quality, timely and efficient translation services.

Max Language Solutions ensures the highest standards of quality by applying a system of quality control consisting of two stages. Initially, every translation undergoes thorough proofreading to ensure its faithfulness to the letter and intent of the original. Finally, we apply translation quality assurance software to polish all details. Finally yet importantly, we manage to maintain relatively low rates for our clients by cooperating directly with translators; this means that you get more from us, the service providers, and you pay less, which is conductive to the best results.


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