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Today’s world is highly concerned with the global environmental challenges and risks that remain a serious international problem. Environmental projects, recently growing in popularity, are necessary for identification of difficulties, reaching understanding on the existing trends and action needed to improve the situation, and implementation of appropriate management measures.

Max Language Solutions have had a huge translation project from an international organization, intended to improve understanding of priorities and challenges of environmental protection, namely, addressing the problems of water resources. Accurate assessment and analysis of the status of water resources and the nature and magnitude of water problems are essential for preparing proper policy actions at every level of management – and we are glad to associate ourselves with this important project.

These texts abound with certain terminology and specialized data, translation of which requires preliminary knowledge and experience in the sphere. We employ translators, who are well-rounded specialists and possess knowledge from different spheres. Moreover, we have a team of consulting specialists, who provide our translators with specific information known only to people with many years of experience in the sphere. We have a strong focus on translation quality, and invest our efforts into this principle. All texts processed in our company undergo a three-stage process: that of translation, proofreading by a skilled specialist, who checks the text for mistakes or discrepancies, and processing with specific software by a Quality Assurance expert. After these three stages you may be convinced that the translation delivered to you has the best possible quality.

All members of our translation team are native speakers of the languages they work into. They use and polish these languages every day, so you don’t have to worry about quality of the translation language. Moreover, we work with them without intermediary agencies – and due to this, we get the best quality of translation job at no additional expense, as we pay them directly.


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