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Max Language Solutions is often approached by customers asking to localize their websites and forums. We have a considerable experience in localization and our experts are knowledgeable with the localization styleguides and apply them to ensure the best user experience.

The challenges behind localization are a number of tags, and a translator should know what should be translated and what should not be touched to ensure that the developers are able to integrate the codes and strings back to form a webpage in a corresponding language. What is also important is country-specific date and time format, measurement units, error messages, style and character limit. The latter is important for correct representation of the website menus and buttons, as one should ensure that everything fits in the screen and is not truncated. This is sometimes a real problem as words in some languages are longer than in others, so the text should be shortened in a way that it is understandable for the user.

Our team regularly receives localization projects and delivers high volume of quality localizations. Most of our localization projects were performed in the following CAT tools: Passolo 2009, Memsource, Transit NTX, Idiom, Catalyst 9.0 and Trados 2011. Our major localization projects include as follows:

ca. 15,000 words – forum localization in Trados 2011 of application strings, button names, error messages, notifications, user interface, and instructions;

– ca. 50,000 words – online shop localization and proofreading, including glossary formation in Catalyst 9.0;

– ca. 50,000 words – translator platform localization and proofreading in Trados 2007.

Max Language Solutions works only with native speaker translators that meet all the above requirements and ensure high quality translation output for our clients. To maintain the high quality of our translation jobs, we apply three stages of text processing – translation, proofreading, and Quality Assurance using the specialized software. We have personal interest in our clients’ success and do our best to leave them satisfied with our services. And for this purpose, we maintain adequate level of translation cost thanks to direct cooperation with our native speaker translation specialists.


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