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Max Language Solutions offers translation services in various spheres for major European and Asian languages. Our team of highly qualified linguists will help you get closer to the target audience. We deal with different types of translation – starting from general topic through legal and medical documents to narrower specializations in almost each and every field of industry – and ensure high quality translations for our clients.

Translation Using CAT Tools

Our translators at Max Language Solutions are trained translating with various CAT tools. Using CAT tools for the three-stage translation process helps ensure that the correct terminology is used consistently throughout a batch of related texts, that it is consistent with the client’s glossaries and termbases, that all tags are intact, that there are no typos or spelling mistakes, and that numbers and dates are correct. This also helps reduce efforts and cost for multiple similar documents, especially tables or presentations, and to ensure that all the repeated text is identical in translation.

Software Localization

Software localization is one of the most frequently required services due to fast development of various applications we use at work, at home and on the go. Translators at Max Language Solutions will help you translate your user interface, onscreen menu and other features. Thanks to our quality assurance procedure, you will receive high-quality localization oriented towards an end-user of your application with the character limits maintained according to the stringent standards and style guides.

Website Localization

Website is a platform, where you can present your products or services in a manner that will easily reach your target audience. Website content is always intertwined with advertising and marketing, as the message addressed to your target audience should be clear, understood and appealing, and the interface should be user-friendly. Our professionals have extended experience in website localization, interface localization and are knowledgeable in the localization styleguides. That is why, Max Language Solutions is your right choice.


Copyrighting services include creative reproduction of the source text by means of paraphrasing its content accompanied with compliance with the anti-plagiarism rules in a way that the text would be easy to find in the search engines. Our professionals have an extensive experience in writing and translating advertising, marketing and presentation materials and will provide reader-oriented quality texts to efficiently advertise your products or services.

Express Translation

Max Language Solutions specialists will help you translate high volumes of text as soon as possible without any compensation for the quality. We have many years of experience and our translators are experienced in certain domains, so several translators may work on the same project at the same time. To ensure consistency we use client-provided or compile our own glossaries, translation memories or termbases. Thanks to our three-stage translation process, which includes proofreading and quality assurance, you will get smooth and precise texts very quickly.


Transcreation is a process used in marketing and advertising translation aimed at creating a new text in a target language with maintenance of style, purpose, context and intent of a source language. It is a purely creative process based on the images your message creates in source and target languages. Max Language Solutions specialists have extensive experience in translating marketing and advertising texts and will eagerly help you convey your message for the target audience in their local languages.

Cultural Adaptation

As cultures vary across the countries and continents, it is important for the text to be culturally appropriate for a certain audience. This includes correspondence to traditions and customs of the target country and the necessity to adapt global notions to local, and vice versa. Professionals at Max Language Solutions live in the target cultures. This ensures that the translations we produce are culturally fit for the target audience.

Logo Translation

Company logo is one of the most important signs that help your customers recognize your company. It often contains the motto of a company that reflects its vision or mission. Logo translation is a very challenging task, which may be entrusted only to professionals knowing the language and bearing the culture of your target country. Max Language Solutions is the right translation company to entrust your company logo translation, as our translators are experienced linguists and bearers of the relevant cultures, and are knowledgeable in marketing and advertising sphere.

Cultural Market Research

Max Language Solutions is often approached with the projects related to culture market research. This procedure implies research of the new brand name within the framework of the target culture and from the viewpoint of the target audience. The surveys show, how the target audience perceives the new brand name, what associations this brand name arouses, whether there are any brands or companies with the similar name known to the audience, whether it has negative, positive or neutral connotations, and how they would transliterate and transcribe it.

Cultural Understanding Services

Our clients often refer to Max Language Solutions for clarification of some cultural phenomena or culture specific etiquette consultations. For example, when a company enters a new market, or starts a daughter company in a different country, it may be necessary to familiarize the personnel with the peculiarities of local traditions, various celebrations and greetings, meaning and significance that may be related to gift-giving, codes of conduct, social responsibility, corporate culture, as well as business and legal ethics.


Proofreading presupposes a high-level review of the text, including grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, omissions and additions, mistranslations, numbering, formatting, language version used, inconsistencies and other major mistakes. This process includes manual proofreading and proofreading using CAT tools, and if possible, our proofreaders apply both of them. This helps ensure the highest quality of the text, its correspondence to the source text, and its adherence to the target grammar standards.


Editing presupposes verification of the style and the flow of the text to ensure good readability in any target language. This process will help polish your text and become absolutely oriented towards the target audience, and this is very important for clients rendering their services to people. Editors at Max Language Solutions will take care of the stylistic purpose of your message and will bring it closer to your target audience.


Max Language Solutions offers update services that you may require after the translation is ready. After a period of time some modifications to the text may be required as a new version of text becomes necessary. All our translations are stored for a long period of time, so next time you have to translate any similar documents, or if you have changed something that has already been translated, our specialists will quickly recover the previous version from our translation memories using CAT tools and make just any required changes without any need to retranslate everything. This will help you spare your time and money.


LQA or linguistic quality assessment is a process or verifying the translation that has undergone proofreading, editing and desktop publishing. This is done to check for any missed mistakes or inconsistencies, wrong formatting, fonts, layout, character limitations, and just to have a final glance on the text and ensure everything reads and looks as it should. Max Language Solutions clients often order such services when the target text is ready for publishing to make sure it contains no errors.

MT Post-Editing

Lately, due to rapid development of machine translation engines and high demand of large volumes of translated text instantly, clients more and more often approach Max Language Solutions with machine translation post-editing. If you require translation of your content very urgently and at a lower cost than average, you may order such service. Regardless of whether this is human or machine translation, our qualified proofreaders and editors will verify the text for any possible errors and polish the text so that it reads smoothly in the target language, is grammatically and stylistically correct.


Summarizing is aimed at translating only the relevant pieces of information, in which a client is particularly interested, or just at getting general information about the main idea of the text. This allows significant lowering of the cost of translation, and saving your time. The professionals at Max Language Solutions will select the necessary key points or the main idea of the document and deliver you the ready-made text, which is not overloaded with unnecessary items.


Max Language Solutions is often addressed by clients asking us to transcribe audio and video materials, and our linguists are knowledgeable in any of these languages to provide a quality transcribing with time stamps marked. Our major transcribing projects included advertising, witness statements used in courts, surveys, presentations, interviews and other materials in different spheres. Such process is carried out in two stages – first, a linguist prepares a template and puts the recorded information in it, and then a proofreader verifies the ready-made text side-by-side with the very recording to ensure there are no omissions and that the text corresponds to the recording.

Audio and Video Translation

Max Language Solutions specialists provide audio and video translation and localization both according to the transcript of the recordings and on the spot, without any preliminary transcribing. Such services are often used for presentations, eLearning and training courses in various subjects, advertising and marketing, and many more. A good translation of such materials should correspond to the context and the style of the original recording, the character and length limits should be maintained, and sometimes, it requires domestication to bring it closer to a target culture. Linguists at Max Language Solutions are the ones, whom you can entrust your audio and video recordings and get a quality result.

Glossary/TM/Termbase Creation/ Maintenance

The use of correct and consistent terminology is essential for any kind of documents and text. To maintain the terminology throughout the text, our specialists first compile glossaries of frequently used terms – they may be presented in Excel sheets, as termbases or translation memories for subsequent use in a particular CAT tool – whatever is required by the client. This is a good way to keep all the terminology together, especially when multiple translators work on the same project.


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