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Environment / Aerospace and GIS Surveying

 Translation and technical progress go hand in hand in using the near-earth as a platform to keep a close watch on whatever happens over the earth’s surface.

Companies working in the field of satellite imaging, satellite remote sensing, GIS industry use image data from satellites, and provide them to clients ranging from domestic to international ones, to meet their design project needs. The relevant geospatial information reports turn to be the sangreal for decision makers and help analysts to get a clear vision of our changing world to protect lives and manage risk of both natural and manmade character. In such a case, a duly and properly translated word can promote the success of a task. On a daily basis organizations engaged in intelligence and defence sector, public safety, critical infrastructure, energy and water resources management rely on map-oriented, terrain-corrected and 3-dimensional imagery reports, surveys and respective software tools to support important missions all over the globe. This highly specialized field of expertise necessitates multinational collaboration made possible through translation.

As translators for Max Language Solutions, we clearly understand the implications of working with, and being acquainted with specific information. The specificity here is highly technical vocabulary used in the field where there is no place for synonyms, contextuality and stylistics. Thus, the accuracy of translated continuum is our top priority. We can and do cope with the translation of any complexity as only top-drawer translators work at Max Language Solutions.

At Max Language Solutions we present our clients with the cost-effective translated product that undergoes the procedure of proofreading and QA, as we show incomparable commitment to quality control. The solutions we provide satisfy all local and international rules and specifications with regard to technical translation and best quality.

Max Language Solutions works with native translators. This means that your end product sounds natural, is seamless and is written fluently. Moreover, we work with our translators directly and owing to this we are able to hold a solid competitive privilege: the price for our translation services is lower than the market average.


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